To offer inclusive activities which support the educational, training, employment, cultural and recreational needs of the local community.



The Hale Community Centre will be at the heart of the community providing a sustainable, secure and welcoming space that is valued and supported by the people of Upper Hale and the surrounding area.



The Community Centre is committed to:

  • Building on and increasing our relationship with individuals and organisations who share our values.
  • Organisational effectiveness and financial sustainability.
  • Providing excellent services for the local community.
  • Providing equal opportunities for all and treating everybody with respect.


Strategic Objectives

We aim to:

  • Keep the building available, accessible and safe for the use of local people and others.
  • Enable a range of educational, training, employment, cultural and recreational activities to take place which respond to the needs of local people and where all are made to feel valued and safe. 
  • Provide access to advice and information for all sections of the community.
  • Provide excellent services to users.
  • Be financially sustainable and continue to strengthen the management of the Centre.


Values – shape behaviour – the way we do things

  • Respect for diversity.
  • Equality and inclusiveness.
  • Integrity and transparency.
  • Supporting the vulnerable. 


Vision – what the world would look like when we are successful

Inspires stakeholders to become involved/committed to our enterprise. Not what doing but what want to happen.

  • A strong, cohesive local community where all thrive (all are supported to thrive).
  • Where every individual feels valued, connected and fulfilled.


Purpose – what we are doing

What we are doing to achieve the vision.

  • Provide a safe, welcoming and inspiring space where the whole community are encouraged and supported to thrive.