Our on-line booking system enables regular and/or prospective hirers to see when rooms – Main Hall, Training Room and Lounge - are free and to make an online booking request.  There are two options to view what's available and when:-

WEEKLY VIEW - you can see all rooms at the same time.

MONTHLY CALENDAR - shows booking for a month for one room at a time, so you will have to Select Room from the drop-down to see, for example, details of the Training Room and/or Lounge.

The options for Week and Monthly views help you see the exact times of each booking. NB: Take care when using the arrows to move from month to month; they wobble about the screen.  It is better to click on the month name to get a drop down calendar to navigate to the date you want.  To see the time of a particular booking, just hover your mouse over the booking and the times will be displayed.  

When booking, hirers choose to have their details displayed as either "Private" or "Public".  If the hirer has chosen "Private", the booking will show as "Private Event" and you will not be able to click through to the underlying booking details but if the hirer has chosen "Public", you will see the name of the booking in the diary and you can click on the booking for more details.  All private parties are always shown as "Private Event".

To make an online booking request, just click on the + sign on the date in which you are interested and simply follow the instructions provided.  Once you have made an online booking request, you will be sent a acknowledgement email by the Community Centre  Online booking requests should not be regarded as confirmed until you receive an email response requesting you to complete a  Booking Form or otherwise.

If you would rather not use the online facility, please contact the Community Centre by either email or telephone to enquire about availability.  There is absolutely no obligation to use the online facility and we are happy to continue to take bookings as we currently do by e-mail or telephone.