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Farnham Herald 12th May - page 25

FH - North Farnham Jubilee

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We Are HereA community open day is happening at the Community Centre on Wednesday, May 25th.

It offers the chance to have a coffee and a chat with representatives of Surrey Police, Surrey Fire & Rescue Service, Vivid, Waverley Borough Council's environmental services, lead youth worker - Tracy Yates and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The event takes place from 10:30am to 12:30pm.

'Come and join us fo a coffee and a chat and find out about the work local services are undertaking in your area' said a spokesman.

17:48, 11 May 2022 by Cathy Burroughs

Garden 1In April, the broad beans grew well and the potatoes were planted in the beds next to the school gate - have a close look at the broad beans because when these are in flower, they will be visited by bees who will transfer pollen on their hairy bodies and fertilise the flowers. Soon after the visit from the bees, small bean pods will be seen growing from the base of the flowers. Thank you, bees!Cheerful bee

We will also be keeping an eye on the potato bed to see when the first leaves poke through the soil. When they get bigger, compost will be gathered around the stems and leaves. But why do that? Potato tubers grow off the stems of the plants and not off the roots. No-one wants a green potato, which is what would grow if it was exposed to sunlight, so growing within the piled-up compost provides nutrients and moisture for growth and ensures they are kept away from the light. Watch this bed!Apple Orchard

The 'Incredible Edible Orchard' out on the wide verge is generally doing well, the apples are coming into blossom with their pink and white flowers. We are saying “generally doing well” because they are growing new leaves and beginning to blossom but, sadly, three of the trees have already been vandalised by having branches broken off! Young trees, like young children can survive a bit of breakage, but please keep a look out for any further damage that might be fatal!

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Farnham Herald - week ending 21st April 22 - Page 5

Plenty of Eggs - Apr 22 

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