Community Fridge & Cupboard

LogoWe launched our Community Fridge & Cupboard in August 2020 and we now have over 200 families registered. Because of the increase in demand and the decrease in donations we have had to limit use to people within 5 miles of the Community Centre. We encourage you to look online for your closest Fridge and support them. It’s a great way of reducing food waste, bringing people together and strengthening the local community.

So how does it work?  We have regular donations from Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Lidl, Aldi, & KFC donating surplus stock which would have previously gone to landfill.

We also have donations from individuals who have food they do not want, and we have had some wonderful donations from people who have grown produce themselves and found they cannot get through all their crop! 

We work on an ethos of take what you need and give what you have excess of.  How often do we buy something at the supermarket and then realise we bought too much, do not like it, or had the wrong item delivered in an online shop? Now it is easy to share it with someone who would like it. If you have nothing to donate, that is no problem!

Come along to the Hale Community Centre and see if there is anything you want or try something new to prevent food going to landfill. We now have a membership in place where you will be asked to sign up & only visit once a week to ensure we have enough stock to go round. You can help yourself to bread, fruit and vegetables and choose 4 items from our cupboard shelves and freezer (these amounts may change on a weekly basis depending on donations).

Due to huge increases in demand and reductions in donations from supermarkets, we now have limitations on who can access the Fridge & Cupboard - we prioritise people who live locally!

CupboardThanks to Farnham Men in Sheds, we now have an outside cupboard which enables us to have a dry place outside to store fruit and vegetables, accessible to all at any time. 

Do pop in if you are passing to see if we have any food, you can use and help prevent it being wasted.

For more information, download a Press Release and follow us on Facebook for up to date news as to what's available in our cupboard and fridge.