Another Volunteer Opportunity at the Hale Youth Centre

What is Seed to Plate?Seed to Plate Logo

● The overall aim of 'Seed to Plate' is to create an outdoor space at Hale Youth Centre where young people can learn to grow their own produce from seed, get involved in outdoor activities, be involved with landscaping and learn about the natural environment.

● The sessions will be delivered both as part of our current youth club sessions (evenings) but also offering the opportunity to attend with volunteers in the day time (particularly if someone is not currently in education, employment or training) and during school holidays when they will have the opportunity to help out with community volunteers.

● Young people will have the opportunity to learn how to cook what they have harvested in our accessible kitchen, making the produce part of a healthy, nutritious meal, and being able to take home any surplus to their families.

● We aim to encourage volunteers from all walks of life to help with both the gardening and cooking elements of the project. This will help us to create a cross-generational project where everyone in the community is learning about, and supporting each other in a kind and safe environment.

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12:56, 28 Feb 2023 by Melissa Salisbury