Surrey Energy Advice tool?

Use the Surrey Energy Advice Tool


The Surrey Energy Advice tool will provide residents with information on funding and grants, support and advice, and non-financial assistance, for people right across the spectrum to include those struggling with fuel poverty to those able to pay.   The tool will be part of a joined up multi-organisational comms campaign, which aims to reach as many residents as possible through SCC, D&Bs, charities, community groups etc to maximise uptake of available funding for decarbonisation measures whilst supporting as many vulnerable residents as possible.

It will help residents to determine what financial and non-financial support is available to them to support them.  It will allow SCC to provide advice to people who are suffering fuel poverty on things like how to put a freeze on debt or get a grant to pay it off, where to get fuel vouchers, where additional services like clothes banks are.

For residents at the ‘able-to-pay’ end of the spectrum it will provide advice on where they can take up schemes which provide economy of scale or match-funding etc, to help cut bills in the long term, whilst helping achieve Surrey’s decarbonisation targets.

For more information, see the Briefing Notes here

15:24, 11 Feb 2023 by Melissa Salisbury