Planning permission has been granted... dedicated Youth Centre another step nearer!

North Farnham Voice announcement - 24th March
Planning permission has been granted to support the disused nursery building next to the Community Centre becoming a dedicated Youth Centre 🙂
Thank you to all those that supported.
Refurbishment works are underway.
Launch date to be confirmed soon.
They are still looking for more volunteers - if you are interested please do contact
Big congratulations to everyone at the Hale Community Centre for getting this initiative going and working through the planning system

May be an image of text that says "Planning Application WA/2022/00534 -Valid From 28/01/2022 28/01 HALE CHILDRENS NURSERY UPPER HALE ROAD FARNHAM Change building from children's nursery (use class Details youth centre (use class with alterations Case No WA/2022/00534 Ward Farnham Upper ale elevations amplified emails received 14/03/2022 and Parish Farnham Proposal Change Use Building From Children's (Use Class )To Centre Class F2) With Alterations Elevations Amplified Received 17/03/2022). Case Officer Philippa Smyth Applicant Name Cathy Burroughs Application Type FULLAPPLICATION Agent Cathy Burroughs Decision Date 24/03/2022 Comments Due By 07/03/2022 Target Date-(Subject to change) 25/03/2022 Decision Appeal Status"

15:40, 25 Mar 2022 by Melissa Salisbury