A brand new, easy way to support us - introducing Nectar Donate

Nectar DonateIt’s now even easier to help us to continue helping local families. We’ve signed up to Nectar Donate, a new initiative launched this month from the team at Nectar and Crowdfunder.  This means you can now donate any or all of your Nectar points to us!

You will need to link your Nectar card to your Crowdfunder account. Then simply visit our dedicated Crowdfunder page and when you get to the “Payment method” screen, select “Donate with Nectar”.

The best thing about Nectar Donate is that it won’t cost you or us anything. Crowdfunder has generously waived platform fees for anyone donating their points.

  • If you donate 1000 Nectar points to us we’ll be able to {add £5 example}
  • 7000 Nectar points means we’ll be able to {add £35 example}
  • And 12,000 Nectar points will allow us to {add £60 example}

If you haven’t used your Nectar card for a long time, why not dust it off now, check your account balance and donate those points to us!

And don’t forget, as you continue to shop at Sainsbury’s, eBay, Esso, Argos, JustEat and many many others, all those points will soon add up. If you then feel like donating some or all of your points to us to help us continue helping local families through the 'wide range of activities' we offer.

Many thanks for your ongoing support and generosity. 


20:15, 17 Mar 2022 by Melissa Salisbury