New Incredible Edible Orchard comes to life!

Although it rained, today's planting of the new 'Incredible Edible Orchard' outside the Community Centre was a real community event! 

Orchard - Feb 22Thank you to everyone who came along to help with planting the fruit trees, which included eating and cooking apples, plums, cherries and damsons. 

 It was an amazing achievement by everyone! 

It will take a while for the trees to become established and produce a good crop of fruit, so getting children and young people involved today was brilliant, as they are the ones who will get to see the trees through to maturity! 

Special thanks to Cllr Catherine Powell for arranging the event and Vivid Housing and Farnham Town Council for their support.

20:45, 16 Feb 2022 by Melissa Salisbury