North Farnham April Spring Clean

North Farnham Voice Facebook Post - 1st April
May be an image of text that says "North Farnham April Spring Clean Volunteers needed Get involved CUMMN FOR GREENER CAM SHL LIFE NOT p 1st to 30th of April 2021 LITTER KEEP BRITAIN TIDY."North Farnham is an amazing place to live with a wonderful community.
There are some amazing unsung heroes in our community who regularly go out to collect litter from local streets, clean street signs, plant bulbs, look after plants and generally make the place look nicer.
This year it would be great to get more people involved. It isn't possible to organise a mass litter pick at the moment with the COVID restrictions so instead today sees the start of the North Farnham April Spring Clean Campaign.
Can you help?
  • Find an unloved area
  • Take a before photo
  • Pick up any litter (using a litter picker, bagging the waste and taking it home for disposal)
  • Clean any signs that can be easily reached
  • Clear pavements of debris
  • With the owners permission clear any overhanging vegetation from pavements
  • Take an after photo
  • Share your before and after photos on the North Farnham Voice's Facebook page and be proud you made a difference.
  • If you spot somewhere you think might be a good location for bulbs or other plants in the future please let us know - photo and location please.
A frightening statistic I saw recently is that UK Local Authorities and Highways England spends £1billion a year on clearing up litter!! If we can stop littering we could instead use that money to fund
  • a 2% pay rise for NHS staff
  • More community social and sports facilities
  • Improved social services across our communities
Spread the word lets work together to give our community a spring clean and keep it clean!
21:56, 01 Apr 2021 by Melissa Salisbury