First Session in our new Cook 'n' Eat Together Cookery Sessions

Something New for TeaHale Community Centre launches a new concept in 2020 with it's "Cook 'n' Eat Together Cookery Sessions" offering the chance to meet new people, cook new things and learn new recipes.

The first session on the 3rd January - 2:30 to 4:30 pm - is open to everyone.  Come along and join in, as we cook something new for tea!

Coral from Coral's Cookery School will be on hand to take everyone through the processes of preparing and cooking a main meal and a dessert, sharing various tips and giving you ideas to try at home in 2020.

When the cooking is done, everyone comes together to eat what's been cooked before helping with the washing up!

21:17, 14 Dec 2019 by Melissa Salisbury