Hale Community Centre hosted a group of 15 staff from the Business Standards team at Allianz Insurance on Thursday 19th September, as part of their community volunteering programme.

Allianz GroupDuring the course of an extremely busy day, the group split into teams to undertake several tasks including painting the Main Hall, cutting back several overgrown bushes and trees; helping to move a raised bed in the community garden, tidying cupboards and putting up shelving in the chair store to increase storage.

Organiser Cathy Burroughs – Centre Manager says “we are really grateful to the team from Allianz who came and worked so hard for the good of our community. What they have done not only means we can use our scarce resources on more programmes for local people, but it also adds real value to the local community. Giving their time, skills and creativity has made an amazing difference at the Community Centre.  All the tasks they undertook will make a real difference to us, as we never seemed to get to the top of the to do list”.

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20:11, 24 Sep 2019 by Cathy Burroughs